NetDocuments is more than just a document or email management software service, but also a technology partner with its customers for enabling the legal industry in information security and governance. Law firms who create and store documents on behalf of their clients must also comply to federally regulated compliance standards related to data sovereignty and security.

What is FlexStore?

FlexStore is a paid add-in feature, enabled and disabled at the repository level. Please contact NetDocuments Sales for more information.

FlexStore takes NetDocuments beyond a web application for managing your documents and allows your firm to customize the service for your unique compliance purposes.

The NetDocuments FlexStore technology allows a document repository to be created outside the NetDocuments Global Data Centers and be privately hosted by the customer or the customer's client. FlexStore stores digital files away from the cloud, avoiding multi-tenancy, while still enjoying the processing efficiency and innovations from a secure cloud technology. FlexStore is ideal for customers who have a limited selected number of clients who are cloud adverse, and insist on having local disk storage systems in particular locations of their choosing and away from the cloud.


How does it work with NetDocuments?

To access FlexStore console, select your name in the upper-right corner > Admin > Repository.

In the Navigation Pane on the left, select Security Center > FlexStore.


The console appears, listing regional and private storage locations:


Note: The example above is for demonstration purposes only and does not necessarily represent available locations. 

Regional locations are generated automatically.

Private locations can be added and edited by an administrator.

Add Locations

To add a new location, select Add location.

In the Storage Type drop-down, you have two options:

  • S3 Storage
  • Azure

Fill in the corresponding fields with configured information. The red star marks mandatory fields.

For S3 Storage: Name, URL, Access Key ID, Access Key Secret.


For Azure: Name, Connection String, Container.


Then, select Create.

View and Edit Locations

Note: You can only view private locations.

To view location details, select a location, and the Details Pane appears on the right.


To edit the location, select Edit, make changes, and then select Save.

Note that to save changes, you must re-enter information in all required fields.

FlexStore Settings

To access settings, in the upper-right corner, select the mceclip5.png icon.


  • Organizing attribute – Choose any available profile attribute or none of them.
  • Allow attribute to be changed for editing/viewing – Allow changing the organizing attribute. If you turn off this option, the Organizing attribute drop-down box in Assignments disappears and is only available for viewing.
  • Private Storage Active – Enable private storage locations. If you turn off this option, the Add location button disappears.
  • NetDocuments Storage Active – Enable regional storage locations.

Select Apply to save changes.

Assignments Tab

On the Assignments tab, the organizing profile attribute appears.

Select Go To Lookup Table to edit the lookup table and select the FlexStore for the attribute. All the documents with this profile attribute will be stored in the chosen FlexStore.

See How to Add or Edit a Profile Value.