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Administrators may designate profile fields as "multiple-value" fields, which allows users to input multiple values into that field (example: Author = John Dough, Michael Smith, Steven Brown). The first value listed will be identified as the "primary" value, and all ACL/inheritance (including Link Author as User) will be based on the primary value.

The feature must be enabled by NetDocuments for the repository, but once enabled, an administrator can enable it for one or more custom profile attributes. 

Multiple values can only be assigned to documents, and NOT to workspaces, workspace templates, workspace filters, or folders. 

A document with multiple Matters assigned to it will appear in those Matter workspaces, based on searching. But, the document's access will be determined by the primary value where PBS is used.

Parent attributes cannot be made multi-value.  

MVP fields will show only a lookup table, not a drop-down, no matter how many values are in the table.

Users can use Ctrl+click to select multiple values in the lookup dialog. The first value listed will be the "primary" value.

The user's display format on list views will only show the primary value. The user can hover over the value to see other values.

When searching for multiple values, using OR in a search will return any document with either value in it.

There are a few caveats with this feature.

There is no limit to the number of values that can be selected or entered into a single field, although there may be a practical limit.

First, while the feature is not in 'beta' we will still be making changes to other areas of the Service to better support MVP fields. It is still a work in progress. Only a handful of customers are currently using the feature. 

Only ndOffice 2.2+ supports MVP attributes.  

The order of the values in the MVP field does not matter, except the first one. Only the first value is used for things that trigger other actions, such as profile-based security. We call this the 'primary value'. But, searches will search among all values within a field. For example, a document with Matters ABC and XYZ assigned to it will appear in both of those matters' workspaces. 

With ndImport, the order of the values can be set. For setting MVP values through ndImport, view our guide for Using MVP Fields in ndImport.

But, if/when end-users use the lookup dialog to change the profile values or apply profiles to new documents through the web UI, the order of the values is determined by the system, by the order they appear in the lookup dialog, not the order in which they were selected by the user (unless they bypass the lookup dialog and enter the values in the field manually).

In the attached example, I have MVP enabled for an Author attribute. Because "ZP" will always appear at the bottom of the list in the lookup dialog (no matter how the list is sorted) I will not be able to select ZP as the primary value, and have other values listed in the same field. If I selected ZP, FM, and BD in that order, they would appear in the field as BD, FM, ZP. BD would be the primary value.


When a user changes a profile field where multiple values have already been selected, the user must select all the values they want to be assigned, not just new values, or those they want changed. So, using the example above, if a document is currently profiled with BD, FM, ZP, and I want to remove BD and add ML, I would have to select all the values (FM, ML, and ZP) at once. If I only selected ML, then FM and ZP would be removed from the list. The lookup dialog will not be pre-filled with those values already applied to the document. 

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