17.2 Update Notes - 7 September 2017 - All Data Centers



The 17.2 Update will be released at the following times:

US datacenter: 7 September 2017 at 10:00 PM US Eastern time.

EU datacentre: 7 September 2017 at 10:00 PM London time. 

AU datacentre: 7 September 2017 at 2:00 AM Australian Eastern Time.

Items listed in these Update Notes are subject to change prior to the actual Update being released.  

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User Update Notes

Highlighted Changes for 17.2

Improved User Interface

As a major part of our ongoing improvements to our user's experience, this Update includes numerous changes to the web user interface. We have tried to avoid major changes to the functionality (for now) and have focused this Update on re-arranging the page elements to make it more streamlined by exposing those options and features that are used most frequently. 

Download our guide for the Top 10 Things to Know about the New UI.

Default Cabinet

Users can now designate a default or "primary" cabinet. This sets the default cabinet for the Simple Search bar and the "Go to..." lookup dialog.

To change your default cabinet, go to Settings > Account Information:


Users can temporarily switch to a different cabinet when searching or navigating:


Folder Searching

When searching within a folder, users have an option on the Advanced Search page to search within the subfolders as well. Up to 20 subfolders can be searched.

Desktop Email Integration

Desktop Email Integration is now available for all Windows browsers via ndOneClick when using Email Copy, Email Link, and Secured Links.

Microsoft Office Online Integration

We have added more granular right-click actions related to opening Office documents in Office Online. These options are displayed dynamically, based on the user’s access rights to the document and the document’s status.

These new actions include:

  1. Open (official version)
  2. Open as new version
  3. Open in read-only (when the document is checked out, signed, etc.)
  4. Open as co-author (when the document is already open online by another user)


When a document is open for editing in Office Online, the editing user can send a co-authoring invitation to any other NetDocuments user who has access to the document, similar to the Email Link option.

Email Link

We have added the ability for users to copy one or more links to documents when the Desktop Email Integration is disabled.


Also, a link to an unofficial version of a document can now be sent.

Document History

The Document History includes certain actions that had not been logged previously when performed via the API (e.g. ndOffice).

  • Downloading a document via the REST API.
  • Viewing a document via the REST API.
  • Copying a document via the REST API.
  • Changing a document’s ACL via the REST API.
  • Moving a document between workspaces (and any associated changes to the document profile or ACL).

Following Documents and Folders

A user with view-only rights to a document or folder can now follow it.

A document Follow alert will now be triggered when a new official version added.

A user can receive follow alerts for actions triggered by the Follow creator (or by anyone, including themselves, depending on how the follow is configured).


Mobile App for Android

In July 2017, we released our mobile app for Android devices. Learn More.


Please make sure you refresh your browser using Ctrl+F5 to clear any old cache after the Update. 

See below for information about updating add-ins, such as ndOffice. 

Administrator Update Notes

The following information is for system administrators.

Device Management

Administrators now have more options for managing mobile devices and user access: 

The management of individual devices can be delegated to a single internal group. That group will have read-only access to the settings on the “ndSync Policies and Device Management” console, but can manage individual devices from that page.

New warnings have been added when device management settings are changed and existing warnings on settings changes have been modified.

The labels for actions related to individual devices have been changed. For example, “Unlink” is now “Suspend”, “Link” is now “Resume” and “Unlink and Remove” is simply “Remove”.

Multiple email addresses can be entered to receive alerts about changes to devices.

With a newly added setting, a repository administrator can prevent users from deleting synced content from their local devices and have those deletions applied to the server, to guard against inadvertent deletions. (This setting will not be enabled by default.) With the new setting enabled, the deleted local content will be restored during the next sync. However, a user on a newer version of the ndSync client will still be able to delete individual documents, one at a time, using the ndSync “Delete” action, and have the deletions applied to the server. This feature will be available to every version of ndSync, not just version 2.1 of ndSync.  In version 2.1, however, a user will be able to delete a single document at a time by using the ndSync proprietary right-click “Delete” action and have that deletion applied to the server (assuming the user has sufficient access rights to the document in NetDocuments). In prior versions the single document deletion will be prohibited.

The device management page now supports the AppConfig version of the mobile apps (labeled “NetDocuments for EMM”). Learn More about EMM.

When an Android app is connected to a repository, it is shown in the device list with the Android icon.

Secure Links

A new cabinet-level setting has been added to require users to set passwords for secured links.


The settings on the Cabinet Administration page related to Secured Links have been re-labeled and centrally organized.

Consolidated Activity Log

The Activity Logs can now be exported in JSON format as well as XML (from both ndWeb and the REST API call).

The Consolidated Activity Log now includes entries for the following actions:

  • Downloading a secured link (after first viewing the secured link)
  • Downloading a document via the REST API.
  • Downloading a document as part of manually checking out a document.
  • Viewing a document via the REST API.
  • Downloading a document via Office Online.
  • Updating a document via the REST API.
  • Downloading a document via WebDAV.
  • Downloading a document via ND2.

The Consolidated Activity Log will log the source of activity (i.e., the application used to generate the activity) for some but not all activities, and for some but not all applications. This will be expanded in the future.

When a secured link is viewed, the entry in the Consolidated Activity Log has been changed from “view” to “View Secured Link”.

Welcome Emails

A Repository Administrator can send a welcome email to a user who has already logged in, which is useful when inviting an external user to a repository when they are already an internal user in another repository. The welcome email will be slightly different than the one received by a new user or a user who has not logged in.

On the Modify User Group dialog, a Welcome Email can be sent to all members of the group or only selected ones. These emails will be sent to users who have already logged in.

Federated Identity

Repository Administrators can now disable federated identity for all users when changing the federated identity server type. 

API Changes

  • The Consolidated Activity Log can be exported for a specific time intervals via the REST API, which allows for incremental pulls.
  • A REST API call has been added to generate anonymous secured links.
  • A REST API call has been added to retrieve Document History.
  • REST API calls have been added to follow a folder or a document.
  • The REST API now allows searching for checked out documents using three new search fields:
    • Checked out status: =56(1)
    • Checked out by: =54(name)
    • Checked out date: =55(date range)
  • When getting all groups in a repository, you can now request specific information about the groups.
  • An option is now available to not update the Modified By information when content is modified via the REST API.
  • REST API now includes ability to change the default sort order for a folder.

Beta Testing Information

The Beta testing period for 17.2 starts 20 July 2017. See our Beta Announcement for more information. As always during a beta test, issues may be found which may require us to adjust the actual release date of the Update. 

ndOffice Update

ndOffice customers:  ndOffice 2.1 was released 23 June 2017 and the next major update will be released Fall 2017. For information on the 2.1 version release schedule, refer to the ndOffice Update Notes. 

Planned Updates Following 17.2

For your planning purposes, the next Update for NetDocuments (Update 18.1) is planned for Q1-2018. We will inform you if this schedule changes as we get closer to the date. We are providing this information to assist you as much as possible in your planning and administration of the NetDocuments Service for your organization. 

End of Life Information

The legacy Application Integrations add-on will no longer be supported as of 30 September 2017. Users who are still using this software will need to replace it with the current ndOffice version at that time to continue to be supported. 

Please review the Announcements section for EOL information for other software and components.


All new or updated NetDocuments client software can be installed during the week prior to the release of 17.2 or can be installed after the Update to ensure that the most recent version is installed. (Any previous versions of these add-ins should be removed prior to updating them). You should install the latest version of the client software so that you have the most up-to-date and bug-free software.

Please refer to the Update and Beta Procedures article in the Announcements section for more detailed information on the update process at NetDocuments.

Please check the information below on the newest versions of other client software with this Update. We strongly recommend that you update all client software. 

As with all of our client software, we only support the latest version available. We strongly recommend that you download and install the latest version of each add-in client software that you are using.

Prior versions will NOT be supported and use of them may result in errors or possibly data loss in some instances. If you experience an issue with an updated version, please contact NetDocuments Support. If you are using an older version and experience issues, please understand that changes and fixes will be provided only for the most recently released version. If you encounter problems with a previous version, you will be required to update the software to resolve the issue. 

Bug Fixes

If you are working with Support related to a bug, you can get information related to the bug's status from your Support Case. Because of this normal interaction with Support, we do not describe all of the bugs that have been fixed in an Update. You can also verify a bug fix with the new Update by accessing the beta and testing it to see whether an issue has been fixed or not. For the client software, however, we do include major changes and major bug fixes to assist you when installing and implementing the new software.

For current versions of all available client software, please see the Links to Client Downloads page. All available downloads and add-ins can be found under the Downloads and Integrations section. 

  • ndOffice -  ndOffice 2.1 [see the ndOffice 2.1 Update Notes for detailed information] - We recommend that all customers using ndOffice update to the 2.1 version as soon as they can. You can download the new version from the Download Section in Help. We recommend that you initially deploy ndOffice to a small group of users to make sure it functions properly in your environment prior to installing it for all of your users. Users who already have an earlier version of ndOffice installed will be prompted to install the update automatically (if notifications are enabled and are allowed by the Administrator.) 

  • EMS Profiler – version 2.2.3 - No changes. If you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you make plans to use ndOffice instead.
  • EMS Folders - version 3.6.2 - Bug fixes. If you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, you should install the newest version.

  • ndOneClick for Windows - version - Provides functionality to automate opening and editing of documents when not using ActiveX. 

  • ndOneClick for Mac - version - Provides functionality to automate opening and editing of documents when not using ActiveX.
  • ndSync for Windows - version - Provides functionality to synchronize NetDocuments with a local folder.

  • ndSync for Mac - version - Provides functionality to synchronize NetDocuments with a local folder.
  • iOS App for iPad and iPhone - Standard Version 2.1.22 - available on the App Store - includes bug fixes. It also includes a new way of opening and editing documents using the Office 365 integration. Check your iOS device for updates since that update schedule is independent of the main NetDocuments Service Update.
  • iOS App for iPad and iPhone - EMM Version 2.1.22 - available on the App Store - NetDocuments for EMM enables iPhone and iPad users to securely create, edit, and collaborate on content anywhere, while giving IT the administrative control to enforce mobile security policies through any EMM platform that supports the AppConfig standards.
  • iOS App for iPad and iPhone - ND for Blackberry Version 2.1.20 - available on the App Store. See changes above. Check your iOS device for updates since that update schedule is independent of the main NetDocuments Service Update.
  • ndGmail - version - Includes bug fixes and minor improvements. 
  • Desktop Scanner Connector - version - Bug fixes. This is used for scanning with TWAIN drivers. If you use this tool, you should install the newest version.
  • ndMirror - version 1.1.10 - Added the ability to set global and cabinet level filtering. Bug fixes. You can install this version over the top of ndMirror 1.0.

  • Folder Import tool - version 3.9.5 - No changes. 

  • Mass Import tool - version - Bug fixes. This new version now has a command line switch that allows the import utility to use certificate-based login for extra security. As always with this utility, we recommend you download the newest version each time you run an import.


Support and Feedback

Comments, questions, suggestions, and problem reports are all welcome. Contact us at 1-866-NET-DOCS (638-3627) or support@netdocuments.com.

When reporting a problem, please provide:

  • Fully-detailed description of the problem, including the exact error message or screen shots 
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Error logs (if any)

We thank you for all of your input and feedback and we appreciate your using the NetDocuments Service.

The NetDocuments Team

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