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NetDocuments provides a native Android app, allowing our customers a more feature-rich mobile experience for viewing, sharing, and adding documents using Android devices. It is available at no charge from the Google Play Store.

Current version: 1.5.0. Get it on the Google Play Store.

NOTE: NetDocuments supports versions 7.0 and later of Android with this app. 

Logging In

There are two ways of logging in to the app: On the standard Login page or using the organization’s login (for detailed info check Using Federated Identity Login on Mobile App).

Furthermore, users can access any of the following services by selecting them from the Host Settings menu directly on the Login page:

  • United States (Vault)
  • European Union (EU)
  •  Germany (DE)
  •  Australia (AU)
  •  United States (Gov)
  •  United States (Ducot)
  •  United States (Preview)


After logging in, users have an opportunity to customize access to the app in settings:

  • By enabling the Automatically login option, users will stay logged in to the app for an unlimited period of time even after reopening it.
  • By turning on the Passcode lock option, users can set a passcode of 4 digits.

The main navigation buttons include Home, Cabinets, Recent, Offline, and Settings. These are shown in the screenshot below in the same order as listed:


Access to searching is available from the header of almost every location in the app. Documents/Folders can be found within a selected cabinet by these parameters:

  • Document name
  • Document ID
  • File extension
  • Profile attributes
  • Created by
  • Created date
  • Modified by
  • Modified date
  • Everything



Access to the sort option is available from the header of almost every location in the app. Despite the default sorting, documents/containers can be sorted by the following parameters:

  • Name
  • Modified by
  •  Modified date



This page consists of two sections:

  • Favorite Workspaces (contains workspaces which a user has marked as a favorite)
  • Favorite Items (contains documents, folders, filters, saved searches, and CollabSpaces which a user has marked as a favorite)



Users can switch between repositories and cabinets with the help of the cabinet selector.mceclip2.png

The Cabinets page provides access to:

  • Workspaces
  • Folders
  • CollabSpaces Note: This section is available for external users only.mceclip5.png

Users also have the ability to create new top level folders directly from the Cabinets page.



The Recent page provides access to the 40 most recently opened, edited, and, added documents.



Offline Mode

The Offline page displays the documents that have been selected to be downloaded to a user's local mobile device. This allows users to access these documents without an Internet connection. Users can remove items offline by unselecting the Offline option. This only removes the document(s) on the local device.


When using Offline Mode, please note the following:

  •  It is impossible to add documents to the offline list while a device is offline.
  • To access documents offline, users need to have the Automatically Login option enabled. This allows users to sign in to the app without Internet connection.
  • Documents cannot be viewed within the SmartView previewer while in offline mode.

Document Editing, Viewing, and Sharing

When it comes to editing, viewing, and sharing documents with the NetDocuments app, a user can perform numerous actions. Such as:

  • Edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents using Office apps

    (Note: This can be done only with an Internet connection.)

    • There are two ways of editing:
      • Opening a document from the NetDocuments app and sending the document to an Office application. The following steps provide a walkthrough of how to do so.
      1. Navigate to a document and open its preview
      2. Tap the Edit icon
      3. Tap either the Edit using [Office app] or Edit using [Office app] as a New Version button
      4. Complete AppToApp sign in with a corresponding Office app (required only once)
      5. Edit the document as you wish
      6. Tap the back icon
      7. All changes will be uploaded to the original document in NetDocuments
      • Opening Documents from an Office Application
        • NetDocuments is an Official Cloud Storage Provider for Microsoft. This means that when using a Microsoft Office app for Android (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), users will be able to add NetDocuments to the list of Cloud Services, allowing users to browse their NetDocuments content from the Office app.
        • Clicking Add a place from either the Open or Save As menu of an Office app will prompt the user to search for a new place. Locate NetDocuments from the list to login. The NetDocuments Android app must also be installed. This allows the user to browse their list of NetDocuments folders and workspaces to open and edit documents. When edited, the documents can be saved and checked into NetDocuments automatically.

In both of these cases, documents must be sent to the Office application to be edited, and then sent back to NetDocuments.

  • Store offline using the ‘Store offline’ option

    • For detailed info, check the Offline paragraph
  • Share in diverse ways:

  1. Download and Open in: The app provides the Open in option to enable users to access and send a document to 3rd party applications based on file extension and available apps on the device.
  2. Email link: Provides the opportunity to send an email containing three links to access the document in various ways: Open, View, and Go to. This allows users who already have access to the document in NetDocuments to view the shared document directly from that link. 
  3.  Email copy: This option allows users to email an attachment of a copy of a document that exists within NetDocuments to either a NetDocuments or non-NetDocuments user.
  4.  Copy link: This option will copy the NetDocuments URL of the document directly to the device's clipboard. 

Managing Document Versions

Those using the app have access to a list of document versions.


Moreover, users can perform a few actions with them:

  • Store offline using the ‘Store offline’ option This allows users to store any version(s) of a document, not only the official one. For detailed info check Offline paragraph
  • View information about documents which includes:
    1. Document name
    2. Created by
    3. Created date
    4. Modified date
    5. Modified by
    6. Document type
    7. Version
    8. Official version (This field contains the Make this version official option which allows users to make the selected version the official one)
    9. Description (This field allows users to add a description to a particular version)

Document Containers

The following containers are supported by the NetDocuments Android app:

  • Folders
  • Workspaces
  • Saved searches
  • Filters
  • CollabSpaces

Document Status

Documents can have several statuses. Below is a list of statuses and their corresponding icons which indicate that status:

  • Checked out to current user: This icon indicates that a document is checked out to the user who is currently logged into the NetDocuments app on the device.mceclip9.png 
  • Checked out another user: This icon indicates that a document is checked out by another user who is working on it locally (outside of NetDocuments). mceclip10.png
  • Locked: This icon can be displayed at either the version level or at the document level. If only particular versions of a document are locked, users can still add new versions and edit them. If an entire document is locked, all versions of the locked document will be locked and users will be prohibited from any making changes to all versions of the document.



This pane allows you to:

  • View your email address. The email address identifies the user’s account
  • View the current app version
  • View the storage space usage
  • Enable or disable a passcode lock. See below for more information
  • Enable/disable automatic login
  • View the in-app Help documentation
  • Send feedback or request support
  • Logout


Passcode Lock

  • Turn on/off passcode lock or change a current passcode

    Typically, users with automated login have this feature enabled providing an additional layer of security. After enabling the passcode, the user can choose to use their fingerprint in place of the passcode.

NOTE: Once established and turned on, whenever the user opens the app, the passcode is displayed. If the passcode is forgotten, NetDocuments Support cannot reset the passcode or otherwise recover the user's access to login to the app. If the user forgot their app passcode, they can reinstall the app. All local data will be deleted upon uninstalling. After a fresh reinstall, the passcode can then be reset.


NetDocuments uses additional encryption for the database and sensitive user data on Android.

The database and sensitive data are encrypted with AES-256. The 64-byte key is encrypted with RSA using the public key. RSA private key is securely stored in the Android Keystore.

Offline documents are encrypted locally. 

Differences between Android and iOS App

The Android app and the iOS app support the same basic features. However, there are some key differences:

  • Currently, the Android app is less mature than the iOS app and does not include certain features.
  • The user interface of the Android app is different from the iOS app, due to different design standards for each platform.

Learn more about the NetDocuments iOS app