Maintenance Event - July 22, 2017



NetDocuments Platform Maintenance/Upgrade Notification
July 22, 2017 at 1:00 AM EDT

We take pride in providing our customers the highest levels of service and transparency as we deliver the most trusted, secure, and reliable document and email management platform available on the market today. As a single global application, each and every customer benefits from the latest technology, security measures, and infrastructure enhancements that improve performance and reliability.

In order to continue fulfilling our promise of delivering the most robust and powerful DMS platform, the NetDocuments engineering and IT teams are reserving a system maintenance window on July 22, 2017 commencing at 1:00 AM EDT lasting up to 8 hours.

As NetDocuments incorporates the latest technology available, the need for future scheduled maintenance events will be extremely rare.

During the maintenance window, customers will not have access to the NetDocuments Vault (US) service. We encourage you to communicate this to your users and plan appropriately, leveraging the many ways to access content in an offline mode via ndSync, echo folder access, ndMirror, LD Server, or offline mode on mobile devices. For more information on accessing content offline, visit NetDocuments Support Community.

During the time the Service is unavailable, you will be re-directed to the Help page when you try to login. When you see the regular Login page again, you will know that the Maintenance Event is complete and you can resume your regular usage of the NetDocuments Service.


Will my data and documents be at risk during this maintenance window?

No, NetDocuments has replicated copies of the data in a secondary data center in another geographic region.

Why can’t I just use the data in the secondary data center during this maintenance window?

NetDocuments DR data centers are currently structured for recovery from catastrophic failure events and not for general purpose maintenance.

Can I work on my documents during the maintenance event? 

Yes, if you download them before the maintenance event starts. You can then work on them locally and after the event, save them back into NetDocuments. During the event, you will not be able to download any documents. You can also create new documents during the event and upload them following the maintenance event. Learn more about how to access NetDocuments offline. If you have further questions, please contact Support.

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