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We are pleased to announce that a new version of ndSync will be available for public distribution beginning 17 December 2017. Go to ndSync to download the latest version and find more information such as system requirements, or use the links below.  

ndSync for Windows -

ndSync for Mac OS -


  • Increased sync limit to 5,000 items per folder or filter.
  • For online containers with more than 5,000 items, the contents are now synced dynamically to the local computer based on recent activity.  

Container Sync Limit

The NetDocuments Service was upgraded to allow for up to 5,000 documents in any container (folder or filter) to be synced from the server to a computer, using the ndSync application.  

Previously released versions of the ndSync application for Windows and Mac only support syncing 1,000 documents per container from the computer to the server. The new version of the ndSync application will support syncing up to 5,000 documents per container from the computer to the server. 

However, current ndSync users will not automatically be upgraded to ndSync version 2.1.1, but will need to update manually (ndSync for Windows version 2.1 introduced an upgrade notification feature and therefore ndSync for Windows 2.1 users will be prompted to upgrade, unless they disabled that feature). As a result, many existing ndSync users will be on the older version of ndSync that only supports syncing 1,000 documents per container from their computer to the server.

What will a user on an older version of ndSync, that only supports syncing 1,000 documents per container, experience now that the NetDocuments server supports syncing 5,000 documents per container?

The changes to the server and the ndSync application are not conflicting. The changes made to the NetDocuments server will allow up to 5,000 documents per container stored on the server to be synced from the server to the user’s computer. But, if a user with an older version of ndSync has a synced folder on their computer with more than 1,000 new documents, only the first 1,000 will sync to the server. However, because most users are syncing content from the server to their computer, most users on an older version of the ndSync application will not be affected.

If a user had previously synced a container with over 1,000 documents on the server and only 1,000 documents had synced, with the release of the changes to NetDocuments, the user will notice a one-time flurry of activity during which up to an additional 4,000 documents in that container will sync to their computer.

What if I have not upgraded to the 17.2 version of NetDocuments yet?

Any NetDocuments user can take advantage of this enhancement immediately, except for the handful of clients who have configured their users’ host files to point directly to version 17.1 of the NetDocuments API. All other users utilize version 17.2 of the NetDocuments API, even those still “on” the 17.1 user interface.

For any customer/firm that is pointing its users to version 17.1 of the NetDocuments API, we recommend that you do not upgrade your users to version 2.1.1 of the ndSync application until you have fully switched to version 17.2 of the NetDocuments API.

Dynamic Synchronization

Another related change was made to NetDocuments which all ndSync users can take advantage of immediately. Previously, when a container with over 1,000 documents on the server was configured to be synced, only the most recently modified 1,000 documents in the container would be synced to the computer. But later, as new documents were added to the container on the server, or existing, unsynced documents in that container were updated, none of those updates would be synced to the computer. Essentially, the list of 1,000 documents in that container that were synced to the computer was static, with the list determined at the time of the initial sync. (The only exception was if one of those documents was deleted or removed from the container.)

With the recent change, the list of documents in a container will be synced dynamically to the user’s computer. As before, when a container with over 5,000 documents is synced initially, the most recently modified 5,000 documents will be synced to the user’s computer. However, on each subsequent sync, if new documents have been added or older documents updated in that container, the new and updated documents will be synced to the user’s computer, and previously synced documents that had not been updated recently will be unsynced (but always up to 5,000 documents will be synced). That way, the documents synced to a user’s computer will always be the most recently updated documents in a container that has over 5,000 documents. 

Support and Feedback

Comments, questions, suggestions, and problem reports are all welcome. Contact us at 1-866-NET-DOCS (638-3627) or support@netdocuments.com.

When reporting a problem, please provide:

  • Fully-detailed description of the problem, including the exact error message or screen shots 
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Error logs (if any)

We thank you for all of your input and feedback and we appreciate your using the NetDocuments Service.

The NetDocuments Team

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