Resetting ndOneClick protocol handler in Chrome



Problem: Chrome user is finding that files get marked as checked out but do not get passed off to ndOffice and do not open.

Cause: To encounter this issue the following has to be true;
When logged in to NetDocuments, ndOneClick is enabled from Settings > Application Settings > ndOneClick

When Chrome first runs with ndOneClick enabled it prompts the user to ensure they are happy with it being passed to an external protocol handler.

This will appear repeatedly until they instruct Google Chrome to remember a choice. 

In this case the user has unknowingly selected and the following options;

  1. Remember my choice for ndOneClick links
  2. Don't open

on this prompt


  1. Close Google Chrome (you may need to copy this support article to another browser to continue)
  2. As of publishing this Chrome stores these options in %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  3. To access this location hit Windows Key + R to bring up a run dialogue, paste the path and click OK
  4. Find the "Preferences" file. 
  5. Right Click preferences file and "Open With" from the menu.
  6. Choose Notepad to open the file
  7. Click CTRL+F to bring up the Find Dialogue
  8. Search for "nd":true
  9. change the value to "nd":false (be sure not to remove commas)
  10. Save the file.
  11. Restart Chrome and login, options should work as expected.

Please Note! In older versions of Chrome prior to July 2017 (version 60), this entry was stored in the LocalState file in %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ so if you are not using an auto updated version you should check here.


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    Alternative but more extreme solution:
    1- Rename the preferences file. When you reopen Chrome a new file is created.
    2- In NetDocuments go to Settings>Application settings, check the box to enable ndOneClick and click OK.
    3- Click Application Settings and the setup for ndOneClick and go through the process.
    * If the test fails again, meaning you don't see the protocol handler pop up, try going out and opening a word document in NetDocuments and see if you get the protocol handler pop up. If so check the box and choose ndOneClick

    NOTE: If you are logged into chrome and have your bookmarks saved in the cloud you can log back in after renaming preferences and your bookmarks will be restored.

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