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August 28, 2017

As you are aware, we take great pride in our approach to continually improve and build upon the end-user experience.  We are happy to announce a further improvement to our service release process which provides a more innovative and flexible approach for our customers as they transition to new releases.

Beginning with the release of 17.2, we are implementing a flexible update model.  You will have the flexibility to choose your go-live date for any given release, within a pre-determined window.  Our new flexible update model allows each customer more control over timing when transitioning to new releases.  This process accommodates customers with policies that prohibit changes to vital systems during certain critical times of the year (such as year-end or tax season).

With the release of 17.2 on 7 September 2017, your organization will remain on the current version (17.1) until you choose to roll out the newly released version (17.2).  You will have the option to upgrade to the new release at any time through 31 January 2018.  When you are prepared to move forward to 17.2, please contact our support team, who will guide you through the process of making the changes required for your upgrade to occur.  On 1 February 2018, any customer still on 17.1 will be upgraded automatically. 

The latest version of the software will receive continuous updates.  As an example, after the official release of 17.2, the 17.1 release will only receive critical defect fixes.  

Thanks again for your partnership and support.  Please contact the NetDocuments Support Desk with any questions.

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