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User Update Notes

ndOffice version will be available beginning February 24, 2017. Go to ndOffice to download this latest version and find more information such as system requirements.   

This version will be made available to users via the auto-update notification. See below for more information about auto-updating ndOffice.

This information is subject to change. 

New Features:

Below are the changes included in version

We have fixed the way that we handle Outlook’s “online mode” because ndOffice was too slow. 

We have fixed a problem with using the Registry value pair: ShowExtOutlookFeatures set to False. This bug only appeared in one beta version of ndOffice If you experienced this bug during a beta test, we recommend you upgrade to this new version.  

We have changed how ndOffice retrieves and displays folder data. In the past ndOffice always retrieved folder content and sorted it by Name. Now ndOffice imposes a date-modified sort for folder content as it does with filters and saved searches. 

Administrator Update Notes


As a reminder, firms that don’t want to have this auto-update can disable auto-updates entirely in the HKLM override for NetDocuments: HKLM\Software\Netvoyage\NetDocuments with the REG_SZ value pair:


With a data value of:


Or you can simply turn off the notification for these updates, allowing the user to pull them down at their convenience with the REG_SZ value pair:


With a data value of:


Learn more about Using ndOffice Auto-Update Features.

Regardless of whether you elect to auto-update or not, you can find the generally available version at:



https://[SERVICENAME.HOSTNAME]\neweb2\apps\ndOfficeSetup.exe for the bootstrapping version that installs any missing .net and VSTO components.

At any time you can inspect the manifest at:

https://[SERVICENAME.HOSTNAME]\neweb2\apps\appVersions.xml to determine what the current official release for ndOffice is.

Another reminder - in the past, ndOffice versions were either installed as a “per-user” version or as an “all-user” version. ndOffice 2.0+ is only an all-user install. A user must have machine admin rights to install it. If an all-user version was installed previously, ndOffice 2.0 will automatically uninstall the previous version.   

Next Planned Update

For your planning purposes, the next regular Update for ndOffice is planned for May 2017. We will inform you if this plan changes as we get closer to the date. We are providing this information to assist you as much as possible in your planning and administration of the NetDocuments Service for your organization. 

If you are using a previous version and experience any issues, we recommend that this new supported version be installed to ensure the best operation of the add-in. 

Support and Feedback

Comments, questions, suggestions, and problem reports are all welcome. Contact us at 1-866-NET-DOCS (638-3627) or support@netdocuments.com.

When reporting a problem, please provide:

  • Fully-detailed description of the problem, including the exact error message or screen shots 
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Error logs (if any)

We thank you for all of your input and feedback and we appreciate your using the NetDocuments Service.

The NetDocuments Team

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