My Firm's Email Domain is Changing. What Do I Need to Do?


A law firm's name and/or email domain may change from time to time. For example, the domain might change from to

User Accounts

In this case, the main thing that needs to be done is to change the email address that is associated with each user's account. There are two ways to do this - each user can do it themselves, or if the old email domain is registered to the repository, a repository administrator can change each user's email address. How Do I Register an Email Domain?

Also, if the old email address was used as a user's username, that user may want to also change their username. An administrator cannot change the user's username for them. Learn more about Changing a Username

If a user's GUID contains the old email address, then that cannot be changed without creating an entirely new user account (probably not necessary, nor recommended). There is no harm going forward if the GUID contains the old email address.

Federated Identity

If you are currently using federated identity, this change may involve several steps, depending how you have configured FI. Please contact NetDocuments Support for guidance if you need to make this change. Learn more about Federated Identity.

Profile-based Security

If you are using profile-based security, any individual users listed in the PBS access strings need to be changed to use the new email address.

Repository Name

The repository name is normally the name of the law firm. Administrators may also wish to update the name of the repository if the domain change is part of a change to the firm's name. Learn how to Rename a Repository.

Follow Notifications

If the old email account will not be available anymore, you may want to update any folder or document notifications you have set up. For example, I may have set up notifications on a folder that are sent to my old email address. If I cannot access the old email account, I should change these Follow settings so the email notifications are sent to the new email address.  

Potential Implications of Changing an Email Address:

Existing email messages stored in NetDocuments will still have the old email address associated with them. For example, I may have saved emails as, but then changed my email to When searching for messages using, I will not be able to locate the older messages. This is most commonly encountered when using the "Me" search option: