Documents show up in List View but not in Summary View of Workspace


This article applies specifically to cabinets that are configured with Workspaces and have documents organized in Filters, but the same applies if you are using Saved Searches: 

You may run into scenarios where you have documents that show up when you Switch to List View in a workspace but they do not show up in one of the Filters in Summary View.   

List View:

Summary View:

Notice, in the example above, there is no "Correspondence" Filter, although there are documents in the workspace that are profiled to Correspondence. 

If you are running into this scenario, the first thing you will need to do is make sure the document itself is profiled correctly. In the example above, you should make sure the Document Type is assigned correctly since the workspace's Filters are based on the Document Type field.  

If the document is profiled correctly but the Filter itself is not showing up in Summary View, this can be caused by a few different reasons. The most common are listed below:

1. If the Filter itself was deleted at some point.

2. If the document was originally profiled under a different Workspace, and then a user used the Move/Copy option (or drag and drop) to move it to the new Workspace (rather than just editing the Profile) and that new Workspace did not already have the Filter for that Document Type. 

3. If a new document is imported and filed in a Folder, no matter how the document is profiled it will not create a Filter (if the Filter is not already there to begin with of course).

4. If you upload a document and file it to a Workspace that is fully profiled, it will not create a new Filter on the Workspace (because the Edit Profile page is bypassed).

5. If you use the background Mass Profile Change (from a Search Result page for example) and you do not change the organizing attribute (Document Type), it will not create any new Filters.

6. If you import or profile a document to a Workspace that has not been created yet and then open the Workspace so that it gets created before the documents are indexed, the Filters for those documents will not be created.

7. If the user importing/profiling the document does not have Edit access to the Workspace, the Filter will not be created.

The creation of Filters can be triggered in three ways:

1. When a new document is imported into NetDocuments and the profile is filled out and the Workspace already exists.

2. When an existing document is profiled or re-profiled to a Workspace that already exists.

3. You can pre-define Filters on your Workspace Template page so that when a Workspace gets created, the Filters are pre-populated even if there are no documents under them.

If you are not seeing a Filter in Summary View that should be there, you can get it to show up by doing one of two things:

1. Add a new document and profile it with that same Document Type.

2. "Refresh" the Workspace by going to Workspace Options and clicking "Refresh Workspace." This will apply any changes from the template to the workspace and create any missing filters.   

Tips to ensure that Filters will get created:

1. Use the "Edit Profile" option rather than "Move/Copy" if you need a document to be displayed in another Workspace.

2. Pre-define your Filters on your Workspace Template page.

3. If you have a new Workspace you need to add documents to, open the Workspace first and then import the documents rather than importing the documents and then opening the Workspace.