Error: Item is on hold. The profile cannot be modified.



  • OS: Windows
  • Browser: N/A
  • Office: 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Product: EMS Folders


Users filing emails via EMS Folders may see this message:

Error encountered during archiving. Drag this message out of this folder to avoid the error message. Server was unable to process request. --> Item is on hold. The profile cannot be modified.  

This is because the system is trying to de-duplicate the message (a copy already exists in NetDocuments) and so the system is trying to re-profile the email, but cannot do so because a litigation hold has been applied to the workspace. 

There are three components at play to create this issue: EMS Folders, Litigation Hold, and Email De-duplication.

When you upload an item to a litigation hold area via EMS Folders, it will allow the upload. If you try to upload the same item again, email de-duplication comes into play. If that email is already in the workspace when you try to file it a second time, the email de-duplication process is triggered. Instead of attempting to finalize the second upload, what happens is the de-duplication process tries to change the profile of the first email to match the profile the second email should have. The Litigation Hold then prevents the profile from being changed.


1) Don't file the email. There is no need to file the message because a copy already exists in NetDocuments. 

2) Remove the litigation hold from the workspace. This will prevent users from seeing the error message and allow them to work uninterrupted, but will not import the email message. Because of the de-duplication process, the email is not actually being filed anyway. 

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